06 August 2012

Before & After Bathroom 1 Tile Floor

Install a Slate Floor Yourself

This photo is actually better than this bathroom looked. In this photo we had already put up part of the cement board after having the plumbers fix some major plumbing problems behind this wall.  From this point on we did all the rest of the work ourselves.

This is the floor we put in ourselves.  It involved no cutting because it is one inch squares in a 5 X 5 space in a traditional 5x8 bath.  I wanted to do no cutting, so I narrowed my choice to this slate or pebbles, and after some thought I realized the one inch slate squares would be best because the floor was so out of level.  

We began tiling from the tub, and when we were done we covered the small gaps at the walls with baseboard. 

It is fairly simple and inexpensive. We bought enough product for the space and temporarily laid it out to see how it would work before starting.  It came on sheets, so one can easily remove a tile if need be.
 We used a level and a chalk line to keep it straight.

The pebbles would have made it trickier to shim the toilet with a non standard rough in of 11.25 inches. I will explain how we handled the toilet another day.  We grouted this ourselves and even mixed the grout too.  On stone one needs to mix their own grout because premix grout gets stuck in the pores of the stone.  This is a series of posts.  See part 2 for the toilet.

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  1. It is so hard to be without a bathroom! I like tile you selected, has great color to it and would go with anything. We are going to be starting our main bath renovation soon, hope it goes well. Good luck with yours. So glad you shared your creative inspiration with Sunday’s Best – your creativity helped make the party a success!

  2. The bathroom looks much better with the tiles. And I like the design you chose for the flooring! Using the small tiles to decorate the bathroom definitely made the room look more spacious. And the color schemes made your floor livelier. Pretty impressive work for a DIY, if I might say! In fact, it looks professionally done!


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