16 July 2012

A Weight Lifted

Worn carpet. tile. rotted cabinets. water damaged plaster etcetera.  For several months now, we just have not had the money to rent a big dumpster to remove the debris pile in our carport.  We have been doing the majority of this remodel ourselves except for the major plumbing issue and the replacement of an electrical box.

But our dear friend John offered to help my spouse this weekend.  OFFERED...  We never asked.  It was much bigger than what John thought or what they got themselves into.

My spouse called U-haul and the dump to make sure we could rent a truck or trailer to tow the debris. The dump just reminded him of the weight limit, and if it exceded the weight limit it would be almost 40 dollars a ton, and they don't subtract the weight out for the truck.

First they rented a trailer, then a bit later, they realized the pile was so enormous that they had to trade in the trailer for a truck.  They loaded over 5000 pounds and unloaded over 5000 pounds.  They just barely passed the weight limit to pass for free; in fact, they had to step out of the truck because they were so close.  We saved hundreds!

Proverbs 17:17 A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity.

This is about half full.

This is about half way down.

What a weight lifted figuratively and literally!  And I'm linking it to Penny Pinching!  These men went beyond duty to save.

Thank you, John.  You are family.


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