27 July 2012

Pouf ?

I am working on a post to show what I've been doing with a bathroom that I'm remodeling with my spouse, but I have not had time to find the photos.  I think the photos of the before were by accident put on my daughter's computer.

In the meantime, I've been doing what I do well ;)

I was looking at catalogues; I tend to notice things that are similar as well as the price differential.  
I really don't think catalogue designers do their job in regards to knowing what is out there.

Here are two examples.  Both I've posted to Pinterest.

Do you like this ottoman?
The round shape is whimsical and the design "Moroccan" though it would easily look nice in a cottage, southwest, Santa Fe, transitional, or even a more modern interior.  It is from Serena & Lily and is made of real leather and costs $479 dollars.  It is 12 inches high 20 inches diameter.  Cute!

Source: serenaandlily.com via S on Pinterest

Source: landofnod.com via S on Pinterest
   What about this one? This one is from Land of Nod and it costs 79 dollars.  It is 26 wide which means that is the diameter because it is a circle; it is 15 inches high.  It is faux leather.

Granted the stitching, detail, and the patina is prettier on Serena and Lily's, but for four hundred dollars more?  Land of Nod?  Serena & Lily? "Pouf"

BTW if you join opensky.com there is red leather pouf available for 180.

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  1. I love that poof! I think I would like it even more in red leather :) Thanks for the opensky.com link!



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