13 July 2012

New Door


Replacing Front Door

This is the new front door we installed.  It looks expensive, but it came from the Home Depot.  We tried  a door place; they were just so snotty; why I should spend 1000+ to have a thicker door?  I'm sorry, but a more expensive door does not increase the value much, and a beautiful custom door probably won't fit any where else.  Been there, done that, 2x...

Any attractive door fitting in style to the home, painted or stained in an attractive color increases the curb appeal; one won't recoup the entire amount; most can't tell the difference in price
We painted the inside of the door today.

We probably did not do it right because it is steel, but at least the paint peels off like an orange skin.  The color is Sherwin-Williams "silvermist".

I like the color, so we decided to leave it and touch up where it peeled.  We still have to trim out the door, but hardware stores sell a kit for that.

This is what we replaced.


It is the only door we did not restore.  I wonder why? Isn't the mailbox "classic"?

Anything we put here would have increased the curb appeal.

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