12 July 2012

Music Room Before & After



This room started out with stained tile and probably the cheapest; we removed it due to sound. We discovered colored, concrete underneath them and did our best to make them look good, and then I put down one of the rugs we had.

There is a desk for working with a lap top.  The furniture is white, but the accents are colorful, so it looks warm and livable.  The sofa is a Ballards Design slip-covered, washable version; it is ten years and still looks and feels wonderful.

I made the rods.  The bookcases contain dishes; in my other home they were filled with books, overflow from our personal library, but when we found this home, I decided I would never put a beautiful dish in a cupboard again.  a metaphor for how our lives have changed...

My daughter is a pianist, and this 7 + footer is hers.  

Believe it or not, this home is small, but large pieces make a room look bigger when there is enough room to walk around, and the clutter is kept to a minimum.  All the seating and the desk are oriented for whomever is entertaining. (Normally, one would not put a piano near a window, but this is a corner window that looks into the carport.  It gets little light and the piano is still a foot away from it.  It was the only way the piano could be in this room with an open lid and oriented so the sound bounce off the opposite wall.  It has something do with the physics of the soundboard.  One does not wanting it opened right next to a wall or bouncing sound off a window.  It also should not be under a vent or receiving direct sunlight.)

We keep music in the baskets and a backpack, but I forgot to take a photo.  There is a collection of miniature pianos underneath the piano with a Mozart doll that probably fell over.  She also has a porcelein Alice in Wonderland doll, AIW dishes on one of the shelves in the bookcases, a bowl of seashells, Sr. Wendy books, and Narnia.  It is a family room.

In summary
Piano Placement

Grand pianos need to open into the room toward a wall to get the best possible sound.  It should be away from the windows as much as possible.  It should be closed when not in use to prevent warping of the lid and too much dust inside. 
 It preferably should not be under a vent.  THis is to prevent sun and temperature damage.

My daughter actually practices with it closed because that's better when you are learning and listening to a new piece.  One should not put stuff all over it if it is played.  A pretty runner is nice.  Definitely no water on it. 


  1. Beautiful room! Your daughter looks so cute playing the piano.


  2. Wow, that was quite the make-over. Well done. I love the homey, warm feel that achieved from your use of color and texture. I'm going to pop around your blog for a bit now, as it is the first time I've been here. Blessings, Tia

  3. What a beautiful job! The room is stunning now and your daughter is the best part!


  4. The concrete is just wonderful. I love how warm the floor looks and room really is beautiful.


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