26 July 2012

Fabric Sources

I recently perused through hundreds of my magazine clippings, and I was amazed by my ability to subconsciously incorporate ideas into the homes I have had over the years.  Alas, I could not part with my magazine clippings for one of the reasons is that I don't subscribe to magazines anymore to save money, and the second reason is nostalgia.

It helps that good design is widely available on the internet these days with catalogues, magazine websites, and Pinterest.

I love Pinterest, because I can quickly sort beautiful images into categories.     pinterest.com/mariposajs/

The other day I also noticed that I have two businesses following me and the two of them happen to be fabric dealers.  Of course I am flattered, but maybe one is liable to pick one up like spam when you have all of fifty-four followers.

I thought their fabrics were reasonably and affordably priced.  I especially liked this pirate print for a little boy's room.  It is classic looking without being over the top.

This is my second follower.

I could not believe the gorgeous fabrics, pillows and wall paper.  It is high end.

I love the monkey made out of a coordinating fabric.

The third source for fabric is Ballards.  Though it is not one of my followers, it is one of my favorite catalogues. I especially like their slipcovered sofas; they are extremely durable; I own two.  The first I purchased in the 90's, and it is still in great condition due to washable, upholstery weight slipcovers. 

This sample is from Ballard Designs.  I love Paris.

Source: ballarddesigns.com via S on Pinterest

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