09 July 2012

Round Two



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I have been busy... repainting...  White shows all the dirt!

Project 1  

These are seventy year old colored concrete floors.  They use to put these in desert homes because they were cool to the feet and they hid the dust.  We were able to restore to some degree most of the floors by ourselves, but the ones in the dining room were quite damaged and we ended up painting them white.

My floors were white for two months, but it was a never ending battle to keep them clean; there is too much dust and dirt and desert sand and they were NEVER clean, so this weekend we went gray like the Dutch.  The color is Fawn Brindle by Sherwin Williams, and I can tell it is going to hide the dust this time.  

I prefer white, but it's not practical at least for us.

When one does not have the money for a new floor, a couple of cans of paint can go along way.  

Concrete floors have inherent imperfections and tack marks after removal of the carpet, but at least one knows they are clean.   A design solution for the creative adventurer...


Project 2

I forgot to take a photo of my sister's floor, but there may be one on my daughter's phone.  Last weekend, my spouse helped her son rip out the carpet, and this weekend, we painted the concrete a suede brown.

This was not the last time we painted.  We painted one more time with an epoxy over the concrete.  The third time was the charm.

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