14 July 2012

How to Make a Bun

My daughter is required to wear her hair in a bun for dance, so I have come up with several bun variations.  This one looks like a flower.  Here's how I did it.

I pulled all the hair straight back into a ponytail which I tied in the center.

Next, I divided the ponytail into two strands that I twisted around each other; I call it a rope braid.

Once the hair is a in a rope, I make a knot that forms the bun circle, and then I secure that circle with bobby-pins: N, S, E, and W.  Next, I continue twisting the hair around that circle securing it with as many pins as needed.  (Unfortunately, if it is a ballet day I have to add a net.)

We also put her hair in a bun for formal piano recitals and performances.  It is an elegant look.  This is a side bun.

But it looks pretty when she wore it down in this Ember Embrace video,

yes sometimes pianists prefer drama.

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  1. Your daughter is darling and looks good in all those hair styles! I especially like the last one with the boots!

    1. The boots photo is my favorite too, and I love that dress. My spouse had taken her shopping and she insisted on that dress even though he didn't like it.

  2. She is gorgeous! thanks so much for this, i wanted to try a bun for quite a while but was never sure quite how to do it...

  3. Your daughter is just beautiful and I love all the hairstyles!

  4. can you give any further detail about this bun? I'm not sure what you mean by making a knot and then twisting it around. I'm very new to all this! But my daughter loves fashion (she's 4) and I used to wear combat boots to church with my dress so i could play basketball!


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