04 July 2012

Cool Painted Concrete

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We have had to make due in this remodel; we encountered plumbing problems and electrical issues which left no money for floors.

Most of the floors were original, colored concrete that we were able to clean or clean and touchup.But the floors in the dining room were damaged due to linoleum. We tried our method of acid wash and latex concrete stain, but it would not adhere like it did in two previous rooms with floor damage.  After two or three attempts of washing and scraping, we  gave in, and we painted the floor with Sherwin William's white, concrete paint.  It took two cans bought on sale, so it was less than seventy dollars. (Sign up with SW and they will e-mail you coupons.)

I would not recommend white; it is really difficult to keep clean.  I need to wash it every day and touch it up about once every week or two.  Now I'm thinking about a pale gray like the Dutch, but I don't want to deal with moving the furniture yet again.

This is a small home of 1100 square feet, plus we have a closed-in porch, and a detached office which are not included in the total square footage.

I had too much furniture for this home.  (Two of my sisters each received a roomful or two of furniture and my sister in-law wished she was near.)  It was sad to let go of beautiful pieces, but there was comfort in knowing that it was appreciated.

I loved getting creative with the room  arrangements in this home.  In the dining room, I decided to make the table into an oval and use six chairs: four French chairs, one pineapple chair, and a small bergere chair.  I like the eclectic mix.  One chair came from the a dining nook, four from a dining room, and one from the music room in my former home.  

Since the table has to function during the day, I placed a tray on it to rest glasses.  One of the containers is filled with votives, and the other is filled with fruit lolly pops.

It makes me happy to look at it; it is pretty, and the furniture suits this home better. Prayers answered...

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  1. I love your painted floor. You have a beautiful home.


  2. You have certainly done a lot of work. I like your eclectic mix of chairs and those lolipops not only sound like a great idea they taste like a great idea!


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