05 July 2012

Before and After Library

You can't get a cup of tea big enough or a book long enough to suit me.
C. S. Lewis
Do you have a library in your home?  Or a special place for books.  (An armoire would be great;)



Obviously we love books.  

This room would become our cozy, family library and our family hangout.  It was pink, but fuchsia on the walls that one does not see; it took a primer coat and two coats of Sherwin-Williams silvermist to cover.

The first thing we removed was the tired, dirty carpet only to discover original, colored-concrete floors that we restored as best as we could.

We replaced the casement window because it was no longer operable or repairable.

We sanded and repainted the doors and made them slide.

We made the rods from two kits and the no sew curtains.

We re-plastered the closet and put in an organizer.

There was no ceiling fixture, so we replaced it with a thirty-five dollar find from IKEA.

We up-cycled the bookcases, and there is a little piece that still has to be mitered to complete. My spouse anchored the top and bottom cases to the solid concrete wall that is covered with plaster. He also cut a hole in the back of the bookcase inside the cabinet for access to the electrical outlet, so that our equipment can be stored on one of the cupboard shelves. Originally, I was going to paint it a gray, but for now I decided to keep the finish because it the same color as the painted birds on the Bombay chest.

We did all the work ourselves.

There are books on the shelves, there are books and equipment in the cupboards,books in the baskets, books in the closet, and books in all the other rooms.  We love books! Fortunately, Kindle has been invented, but nothing replaces the feel and smell of a real book.

I love the prints of Paris.  We were engaged in Paris.


The trunk stores my daughter's costumes and holds our family Bible, and the Bombay chest stores DVDs & CDs.

The side table with the mirror acts as a vanity to blow dry our hair to prevent traffic jams in the bathroom.

Made Sliding Doors for the Closet and Entrance

Items that we did not keep, that were salvageable, went to Habitat Re-Store, Good Will, Salvation Army, and SSPeter & Paul.  

Depending on where Re-Store is located, it can be a really interesting visit. Our home is seventy-years old and we managed to save doors, but it is amazing what people pull out of and discard from newer homes. It is especially nice when they remember to donate those cupboards or appliances. 

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  1. Your wall color is my favorite shade of blue and your curtain rod is so creative. I love the way this room turned out. Thanks for your sweet comment on my vintage pitchers post. I love cranberry glass as well!

  2. Wow! I love it that you have a trunk for your daughters costumes! Really like the curtain rod on the ceiling. Very nice job.

  3. This is really so much more than a library, it's a whole multi function room. Great job of incorporating all the needs into it. Most importantly the costume trunk, because we all need time to play.

    Thank you for linking up to Hot Fun in the Summertime.


  4. Great makeover and I love that you donated what you didn't need to the different charitable organizations. Thanks for linking up to Hot Fun in the Summertime blog party and thanks for remembering to link back to the party. Hope to see you next week.

  5. Love this! Good job! Thanks so much for linking and i Featured you on Facebook! Xo


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