19 June 2012

Make Your Own Drapery Rods

I have a PASSION for electrical conduit pipe: piping that electricians run wires through...  I can think of so many projects that I could do with it or have done with !!!

Electrical conduit has a beautiful, silver patina; it is very inexpensive and versatile; it comes in various widths; it has end caps that can be left on or taken off; it can be cut to any length and EVEN rethreaded by Lowes or Home Depot or probably any local hardware store.  (It is less expensive than plumbing pipes!)

When we moved to the Bungalow, I moved the beautiful rods I had purchased for my other home, but due to the unique, historical corner window there was no room to hang them.

Rods are expensive, and when your budget is small one gets creative.

I bought conduit pipe, conduit hangers, and some screws for two windows for about 25 dollars.  The hangars come in a bag.  I chose the width of the rod based on the weight of the drapes.  The rings were as much as the rods.  I used the clips so I don't have to take down the rod to clean the drapes; it would be really hard otherwise.

It took two of us to attach the rods to the ceiling with the clamps so as not to interfere with the windows.  (It could be attached to the wall too.)

I hung the curtains.


Here is how the rods with the drapes look in the room.  Can't tell the difference between made and store bought.


One could also paint the rods with metal paint for a finish that fits your decor.  (Box store metal rods this thick are hundreds.)  Friends will only notice how stylish!

Enjoy! sjohnson

shared here too! Inspired By Charm  He has a statue of a mouse give-away!  It looks like Despereaux :) And here too! 


  1. Your rods look beautiful. I used the same conduit pipes in my sunroom. It was so easy and inexpensive. I painted mine white.


  2. Thank you! Isn't great? And you save so much money!

  3. I love how you hung your rods at the ceiling, and those windows are phenomenal. You are very clever to discover this conduit piping and at the very least to pass on such a great idea, thanks!


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