23 June 2012

Decorating With Books II Alice

{A Book-Themed Room}

Can one decorate a room with a book?

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How about a favorite, worn out copy of an illustrated book?
Here she is last Halloween in the morning and in the afternoon.

Tim Burton's "Alice"  She is acting.  She is not fooled by the jabberwocky.

Battle With Jabberwocky

She has loved Alice in Wonderland since she was three. Did you know there is philosophy and logic in Alice?  It is quite sophisticated and goes way beyond a wacky tale. 

When we moved my daughter revealed she had outgrown pink and wanted a more sophisticated color scheme of pale blue or gray, and the theme had to be "Alice", but not Disney cartoon "Alice".  We already had the furniture.  The corner cabinet, as well as the desk, and the slipcovered chairs use to be in our studio.  The green chair came from my family room.  The big white chair is leather, and I bought that when I was married 20 something years ago.

She has lots of wicker, storage baskets under her work station and bed for storage of toys and paperbacks. The washable, slipcovered chairs also have a baskets under them.

The throw is a towel from Target.  The pillow is made from the case the sheets came in.  The sheets are "Shabby Chic" from Target clearance.  (I will do a separate post on the curtains and the hardware, but the curtains are made from a Ralph Lauren ruffled sheet.)

Her rabbit collection is on top of the armoire.  "Mimsy" is a version of Alice in Wonderland. The antique keys were a gift from my father and the little bottle is from her Aunt E. There is also an Alice in Wonderland chess board on the table.  (She plays chess weekly with two adults.)  The figures are temporarily put away until I find a rug for the space.  (The floor is concrete. ) I actually have a photo with my daughter doing a skit; she is lying on the floor beneath her table "growing" to get the keys.  (She didn't let me post it, because she might want to post that at her blog.)

She wore this copy of  Annotated Alice in Wonderland out.  It is hung on an IKEA wire wire now.

Here are the baskets under her bed for paperbacks & Dressing Area & Looking Glass ;) Behind "Alice" Chair  My mother made her the rabbit on the chair.

The cat art, a Cheshire cat, was made by her friend and artist Lucy Swerdfeger.

Her reading chair.  There is a "Rabbit in the Garden".

The Dressing Area with Alice's dress.  Her room is a suite.  It is connected to the library and closed off by the sliding door to the library featured in another post.  The painting is her version of Alice in Wonderland fairyinwonderland.  The floors are the original, colored concrete floors.  Some of the old houses they built had these, because it was cool, and it hid the desert dirt.

New Black Kitty (One of her cats got lost during the move.)
This was a stray that her piano professor rescued.

The Room's Inspiration Tenniel Illustration From Alice



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