26 June 2012

Before & After Master

This is the room we chose for our master, and it was actually one of the rooms in better condition.  Apparently the previous owner could not decide on paint colors, so nearly every bedroom wall in this house was a different, vibrant color that took primer and at least two three coats of paint to cover.  (I should of done two coats of primer.) We also had to replaster many holes in the walls and big holes in the closets and refinish the doors.


And when was this orangey-brown carpet in style? Thirty years ago?  Oh, the filth!  With a mask and gloves my spouse removed it the day we picked up the keys!  But there was a surprise underneath. Colored concrete floors.

I did some research and discovered that when they started to build the first mid-century modern homes in the desert they used brown, colored concrete for the floors, not only does it stay cool, it also hides the desert dirt. This home is one of the earliest styles, so it looks more like a cottage, except for the corner glass windows in the living room that we kept because it gives its heritage.

Plumbing and electrical problems beyond what we had planned to do ourselves, and casement windows in the bedrooms that could not open ate our budget and the concrete floors had to stay.

The floors in my daughter's room were nearly perfect, even the tack holes were small, we just had to remove the adhesive with TSP.  The "master" and our "to be" library's floors were worse for wear, deeper holes and a finish ruined by excess adhesive.

One cannot re-stain concrete with acid, but we could acid wash it and paint it with a water-based concrete "stain". We also discovered that you really can't patch holes that well because concrete patch looks like gum.  But we worked, and worked... for a couple of weeks to salvage or "restore" the floors as best we could.
After Acid Wash

After Water Based Paint "stain" Final Color and Patina Closeup

One of the two new windows in this room.  The single-paned, steal casements could no longer open. 
Before Window (Pretty, but no longer worked, and single paned :(

Below is one  of the windows. The Home Depot helped us select the mullions for the front of the house.  We actually had three bids on the windows and they had the best and a life time warranty.  These windows are actually better than the ones in our previous semi-custom home.
{I had this furniture; the large pieces make the room look larger, the iron bed doesn't block the window, and the distressed, and as well as the painted furniture suits this old house.} The wooden and metal Santos are from Mexico, and they are harder to find now due to all the trouble in Mexico.

Dusk & Before the Roman Shade

Day ( The paint is Bamboo Shoot Sherwin Williams.)  I selected it because it looked picked up the colors in the art and looked nice with the finish on the furniture.  Brown also looks good, but in this house it makes me physically ill (literally) to look at brown.  The retablo of the Lady of Guadalupe is  by Fernando Bimonte  The pillow is from IKEA.  The linens were purchased from Marriott's Online Store.   The Moravian star light is from Ballards, but I have it for years; I've moved it from house to house.  The bed is in front of the window because this is the only wall it would fit on without blocking the door or the closet; this is a small home with a small bedroom, but it looks large.  (I also looked on Houzz and noticed there are plenty of bedrooms with the bed in front of the window.)

And the restored door... with one of the few original brass doorknobs.
It really turned out nice.


  1. This room is lovely! Thanks for visiting and for your comment on my forest creatures diy, got me to visit you. i like it here, love to see how other people live. i am following you now with gfc and would be honored if you would like to follow back, but no hard feelings if not :-)

    1. Thank you, I apologize if I forgot to click follow! I stopped blogging for a few years and I need to brush up on things and etiquette :)

  2. Thank you, I apologize if I forgot to click follow! I stopped blogging for a few years and I need to brush up on things and etiquette :)

  3. Your room is beautiful...everything! I love that front pillow on the bed...is it pottery barn?
    Thanks for stopping by and following me...I will follow you back!

    1. http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/80112640/ Better! Even though my pillow is a couple of years old, IkEA still carries it; it is sort of a signature piece of theirs. It is only 19.99 and is just as nice as the ones I have picked up at PB.

  4. Love this room! You'd never recognize it. I also love your butterfly. :) CLEVER.
    Following you back...

  5. Beautiful room. Thank you for visiting my blog.

  6. The window at the master bedroom is perfectly positioned. It offers good ventilation, and lets in a good amount of sunlight as well. You can also always use dark blinds or curtains if you don’t want to be woken up too early by the sun in the morning. By the way, you’re room is really stunning!

  7. I like the way how you turn this room into a beautiful master bedroom. It looked wider than before. And I must say that you did a good positioning of your bed. It can keep you from hurting your eyes from the rays of the sun every morning. And you made a good choice for Roman shades. It made your bedroom look warm and comfy.

    -->>Roxie @ WindowTreatmentsPhiladelphia.com

  8. Master's bedroom make-over it is! You did good, though I prefer not to have the window blocked by the bed. I'd rather have the bed perpendicular to the window instead, positioned over my head so the morning sunlight to wake me up. But that's just me. This setup works for you, and that's great. John @ Nehemiah.com


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