08 February 2017


It has been a few years now since we remodeled the kitchen, but one of the significant design choices was the copper sink.  It was selected for several reasons, but one was the color.  

Even though this is a small older home, the living spaces are connected and partially open, so I wanted the kitchen's colors of creamy whites and grays to relate to the dining room's and the living room's white and wood finishes. As you can see, these large bookcases pick up the copper shade. On the other hand, the almost white table in the foreground and the other off white pieces in the dining room is how we selected the cabinet finishes.

This dining table also picks up the copper color, but the chairs pick up the kitchen cabinets' color.

And  best of all, everyone who visits says Lucy goes with the decor.  
(She is our rescue cat, and she came to live 
with us at fifteen years old.)

The sink was just one choice of many choices made when designing this kitchen, but an important one, that contributed to creating three spaces with an harmonious feel on a holistic level. 

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10 January 2017

Welcome 2017

My daughter recently reawakened me to carnation joy. 
Their fresh scent and flouncy tutus make us smile.
Trim the stems and place in a bucket.

Also, there is nothing that a little string of fairy lights can't cheer up in the darker days of winter.

This arrangement reminds us to make more adventures this year.

And macaroons and thai basil are good for you... just because...

We visit the local shops and sometimes we bring home cookies.

I work in the garden finishing the autumn garden, and while preparing the spring garden, 
I cut flowers. We are also picking citrus now from our six trees, so that means fresh organic fruit.

I wish you peace this New Year.

Take time to smell the flowers...

And enjoy the little things... 

A happy and blessed New Year to all of you dear friends and readers.

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Thank you.

21 December 2016

Christmas 2016 at Butterfly and Bungalow

I love to keep decor simple at Christmas.  Caught up in living, I put decor off.

A simple ribbon here or there makes home festive.

Because I am still working in the garden, I can bring in fresh rosemary and our kind of snow, since roses are the best this time of year, as well as our fresh citrus, tomatoes, and lettuce.  Nature's Christmas colors of the desert.

Stockings for three dogs. 

An angel holding a pair of wings as a gift...

Sparkle stars...

Boxwood wreath in the kitchen with a madonna...

But then I have a burst of energy, and decorations become more elaborate.

I love setting up these little scenes on the tree. This year, I arranged the tree as a ballet using rabbits, birds and boutique and collected handmade ornaments from years past, with a few new ones this year from Target of all places.

Lucy's friend...

Snow from the garden...

To the meaning of Christmas...

Twas almost the night before...

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08 December 2016

Christmas in the Kitchen

Just small touches here and there: a wreath, an ornament, the madonna, and fresh flowers and produce from the garden.  

In the dining room or area, I hung a tree on the drying rack.

We have six trees producing citrus this year! The first time all six have.  Meyer lemons, mandarins, grapefruit, tangelos, and two types of oranges... 

These are sunflower seeds that I harvested from our autumn sunflowers. I need to roast them.

Tomatoes, lemons, rosemary, basil, lavender, and roses....

It's the best time of year around here. It's cooler, finally, and the garden does it second best growing season.

I will be back with more Christmas and the holidays soon, but I am at Instagram posting regularly.
I love taking photos, so it's a medium that suits my abilities.

Happy December!

04 September 2016

Then Summer and Now September

So September is here and summer sleepiness is gone.
Six weeks studying or wandering and wrapping it up with a visit with my father in Rhode Island.
This view makes me happy, but honestly I'm just as happy living out of a suitcase, just walking, window watching, listening to music, and learning.

I came back to a sunburnt garden, but we have had lots of rain this summer and cooler days, so the blossoms are coming back.

I have escaped from our heat for three years now, but still return to several hot weeks that make me want to stay indoors and simmer. 

The mint and basil are flowering, and it smells wonderful on my arms or on the kitchen counter.

I hung some linen curtains on my canopy bed that I found on sale, and I love the simpler look.

I've completed a few projects too and have some small projects in the planning, so I am returning to here, and will be posting and visiting more regularly soon. 

But  one can always follow me on Instagram. I post more regularly there, and there are photos from our trip.