23 July 2016

Madhatter Tea

It's that magical time of year again when special and unusual guests make our tea party extraordinary.

The roses are painted.

The garden is raked.

Alice and her cat have arrived.

The chairs are being set up.

The cups and saucers are gathered.

The queen is expected.

Other guests have already arrived.

Selfie time....

Flowers gathered...

The smallest guests are arriving as well.

The table is set.

Photo bomb...

Treats and Sweets

Waiting for the Madhatter to arrive... You never know what she will wear.... a memorable outfit every year.  Here's one from years' past.

Thank you, Vanessa.
I hope you enjoyed this. I am away with poor wifi, but I could not miss this, so we did a party in June. I will do my best to visit all the guests.

05 July 2016

Just Some Romantic Photos

It's hot here, so things slow down here, and we escape.
I have a tea party coming up and the info is in the sidebar.
If you would like to follow along, I will be using Instagram in the hot months.

07 June 2016

Simplifying for Summer

In our area, summer is here, and it is sizzling.

Clutter-free is never possible around here, but I put things away and went to the basics.

The home is simplified for the summer with white sheets, seashells, and slipcovers.  Our blossoms and vegetable garden are shielded by umbrellas. Filtered light is enough for our nonnatives in the elevated beds, and hopefully not too much that they need the shade cloth.

Inexpensive white bedding on the porch and in the bedrooms.

I love theses chrysanthemums growing in my garden.  I must find different varieties for the future.
My spouse's grandfather, but really mine as well, grew mums for show. This is just an ordinary pink one, but still they are so lovely.  I went around pinching his, so he could get the best bloom on a plant.  I learned most everything I know about gardening from him, except for what I had to learn when I returned to the desert.  

It' is sort of a meditation: a bowl of shells and a frame.  It's interesting and relaxing to rearrange.

The little painting is from Sea Washed Living at Seawashed. On the shelves, I like to slip a bouquet made from our garden.

Aprons for the garden....

Umbrellas for the plants...

Thank you for visiting.
I have been doing Instagram more these days, but I am working on a couple of projects for here.



27 May 2016

Preparing Potpourri

I cut and gather the blossoms from my garden.  It is a way to enjoy them a little longer.
The air is very dry here, so they dry quickly with the brightest of colors.

I place them in a jar with a very heavy lid, and add just a few drops of essential oil.  I added rose and lavender, because mostly, that's what is in the jar, and I had these oils in the house, because I use them in a diffuser.  One could use one they find pleasant. An air tight jar is best, but  it is very dry here, so I didn't use a desiccant. 

That's it.

I scoop some into a small bowl, and place it on the table beside my living door. 

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24 May 2016

Painted Mantle

I'm showing some photos from our Madhatter library today.
This started out as an ordinary plain oak mantle of an electric fireplace from a big box hardware store that I purchased awhile back. I would of loved to have found an old one, but indoor fireplaces are not commonplace in the desert, so neither are mantles, nor that style anyway.

But I've painted our ordinary oak mantle in color layers of Annie Sloan chalkpaint, distressed, and waxed.

I'm not finished, but I've also added some embellishments such as the center medallion.

The still life display changes almost daily on a whim.
The doge cat we bought in Venice, and we are unsure of the artist.
The other is a recognizable reprint that we purchased in the Borghese in Rome. It is attributed to Leonardo, but perhaps painted by his student. It's of Leda and Jupiter (the swan).

If you can't find it, create it.



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