21 November 2014

New Book and Progress on Office

This is the new book that I bought at our Annie Sloan dealer.  It's on my coffee table that's painted in Annie Sloan Duck Egg Blue; I highlighted the color
with some silver antiquing wax found at a craft store.
The book's photos are gorgeous and there are color palettes for different styles like bohemian, french, modern and so on. What a I like is that it is mostly achievable.

The office is coming along. 

My spouse replaced the floor with wood tile. It still needs to be grouted. They are placed down really close with special place holders to simulate wood. It's hard to show the color.  In my previous homes, I have never been convinced to do anything but wood, but the grain and texture is pretty amazing on this product.

I'm working on paint colors. This is a room that gets little light from two windows.

It's exciting, but it takes time.  My spouse works on it in the evenings.
That's it for now.
What do you think of the tile? It is from Home Depot. I looked at others, but I thought their product had the most realistic look without spending a lot.

17 November 2014

Random Thoughts and Photos

The electrician was here and finished his work in the office.

I found this journal at B and N. I looked through it a few times and decided to buy myself a gift, and I'm still enjoying it. If you have a home that is rough around the edges why fight it?

I placed this basket on the counter. It now holds my daughter's themed mugs.
This is working well in our small kitchen, and so is our snack tray.
We are also enjoying a Gluten Free Pumpkin Pancake mix that I found at Trader Joe's.

And just a touch of the season.  It's been a warm November, and this is our first cooler morning. I hope this is our last day for the AC.  It's late this year.

12 November 2014

New Project: Office Studio?

In between the carport...

and the potting shed...

There is a another room in between to the left there.
It's a small space, but I hope to make it something special.

So far, the space has been cleaned, the damaged dry wall is gone, and the two windows and the door have been replaced.  I've saved some of the old good wood too, there just is not enough for this room.  Since my spouse works from home, and I enjoy creating, this will be a shared space for both of us, because my daughter doesn't like our interruptions when she practices the piano.
Though I'm not exactly sure what I'm going to with the space, because we have to share. Everything is all over the place right now: in the carport, in the potting shed, and all over the back yard. Maybe I will have it done by Christmas. Fortunately there is no rain in sight and the temperatures are manageable now.

Still to come:
Electrician is scheduled.
New insulation and walls.
Floor selection.
Colors & Painting

06 November 2014

Shabbilicious Christmas

I wanted to participate in the Shabbilicious Christmas Party, and since I have a big project underway with no place to store some things, I pulled some things out early.
I made this wreath last year by making pom poms. Lot's of them. I made the bow from an old Ikea towel.

My Christmas is not all out yet, but for the sake of these photos some of it is. :)

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05 November 2014

Welcome November!

I finally placed a few pumpkins in my fruit bowl for a fall display.
I think we are finally cooling off here, because the temperatures have left the 90s over the last couple of days.

Happy November!

31 October 2014

Happy Halloween

A wand...


Our traditional witch came from Tirol.  They seem to be a popular item, so I brought one back.


28 October 2014

From the Kitchen

Can we just skip to December? Everyone has been so busy, and I am really looking forward to the holidays and Friday. 

In my small kitchen my family's favorite snacks were on the island in various bags, and it was getting so messy. I didn't take a photo, but my home gets messy like most lived in homes. I've wanted to do something about it for a month or two, and the other day I found this wooden tray at Target.  The tray gave me something to do with these three Ikea jars that are 3 dollars each.

I filled them with the foods that disappear the most.
Pistachios, dried cranberries, and golden raisins.

Just five pictures of the same thing...

(I can see I need a new small camera again.  It has not been right since it was dropped in Venice.)

I'm going to try this out for awhile. Do you have a particular system of handling snacks?