02 May 2015

Potting Shed and Crafting Studio

Today, I want to show you our special potting shed. I have not shown it in awhile because it seems everything was tossed in it for the big projects: first the sleeping porch, then my spouse's office, then the backyard. But we are about done with the major renovations and repairs, so I thought it was time to tackle it again.

30 April 2015

Faux Metal Table Top

I want to introduce you to Dinah; she adopted us about six weeks ago. She took up residence in one of the sheds that was open. We felt sorry for her, and left her food and water, but after a few days, we realized that she had an eye infection so, we took her to the cat doctor. It turns out she was fixed, so she was probably lost or abandoned, but we could not find who she belonged to. She is sitting on today's project.

We needed a project table for the shed, and we wanted a painting or craft table, but they all looked too modern and out of place. So we visited the second hand stores and found an iron base that someone had painted flat blue and screwed two pieces of shelving as a table top. I knew the table was the correct style and would be the right size, so I purchased it. The next thing we did was visit Home Depot for a piece of wood that we had them cut to 32 x 24. When we got the piece home my spouse sanded it, and then I got to work. I wanted the entire table to look like a metal. 

I already had the paint, so that made it easy. First, I painted the table top AS Duck Egg Blue, and then I streaked it with AS French Linen. Once it dried, I took out a metallic can of silver Rust-o-leum that I already had, and a can of copper Rust-o-leum and gave it some metallic streaks, but not before throwing Kosher salt all over it, so it would speckle and look a little rusted or galvanized.

It was starting to look really pretty, and like what I envisioned, so I then sprayed the base with both of the Rust-o-leum metallics letting some of the original blue show through, and then rested the top on it.

When it was all painted, I waxed the wood top with silver wax and some gold wax that I already had, and then some AS clear, and then I sanded it with a steel wool scrub pad, and then my spouse attached it with hidden screws.  It is sort of difficult to show, but the top really does look like an older metal table. 

I have big plans for this table, and will show you in a few days.

Here's another one of my past faux painting projects; it's a pin board.

My blog is a hobby, and I don't get paid for the products or stores that I use; I just like them.

Thank you for visiting, and I appreciate all the lovely comments.

28 April 2015

In the Garden

Our garden has really grown in the past week, so I trimmed my olive tree, because some branches started growing toward the ground; I brought a few branches in for the table. Last week there was some warm weather, and then some cooler temperatures, breezes, and rain, and then the tomato plants started to lean and now the lettuce bolted.  

Here are some red cherry, grape tomatoes, and two purple tomatoes. The purple tomatoes begin to turn red when they are ready, and they are bigger tomatoes than the grapes and cherry, but not traditional sized tomatoes.  We make caprice salad with tomatoes, mozzarella, basil, and pistachios. We also make lettuce and tomato sandwiches.

And, there are hundreds of purples on two plants.

I can't see what is going on up here, but there is definitely a nest, because they are making a racket. They were also smart enough to build away from the cats, but mine wear bells.

This guy, Blackie, is always under our feet.

This is a photo of the lettuce about a week and a half ago, and here it is now below.

The lettuce can still be eaten, but the leaves will be not as sweet.

The peaches on the tree have also changed color, and they will be ready sometime in May. Earlier this year, I removed 25 percent of them, but maybe I should of removed more. I'm not sure how big they will be.

Oh, and here is my meadow, a bed that I planted as a mini meadow.  It keeps blooming with different layers of color.

The late afternoon and the early evenings are really pretty.

Just a photo of a box that my daughter brought out into the yard for collecting.  I've been working on a project in the potting shed that will probably just involve paint and rearranging, but my spouse and I have at least cleaned out all the clutter that accumulates. That alone was an accomplishment!

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23 April 2015

More Tulip Photos, a Bucket, and an Oatmeal Cookie Recipe

Hello. Thank you for all your sweet visit and messages. The tulips that I picked up at the grocery store a few days ago have started to open, and they are so pretty to look at. I have not tried growing them from bulbs here, but I know that I would have to refrigerate them, because it doesn't get cold enough.

Just a couple of days ago they were completely closed.

For awhile I had them on the dining table today, and the bucket is another one of my small projects in progress. I've softened its sheen a bit by laying in on the ground in the yard and spraying it with vinegar and sanding it with steel wool. Undiluted vinegar. Vinegar is not that strong of an acid, and it will probably help kill any weeds it hits. It will take a bit more work, because it is a high quality bucket made in the USA, and I don't want to use anything toxic. Oh, and since the kitchen is small, the chair covers are our everyday look in our dining room, the are handmade and they came from Ticking and Toile and the color is perfect. (It doesn't show anything.) Earlier in the week I showed them on chairs at our study table on the sleeping porch.

We also made gluten free oatmeal cookies today with dried cranberries, and my daughter helped me with the photos. They are simple to make and even simpler if you use oat flour by taking your oats and grinding them in the blender. But I didn't feel like cleaning the blender, so I used rice flour. My daughter liked them this way better, though I like the oat flour. Here's the recipe: just make sure to use gluten-free products if someone has celiac. Some oats are processed in plants that process gluten products.

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20 April 2015

Mondays on the Sleeping Porch

Today, we remade the bed on the sleeping porch bed.  My toy poodle likes to jump up and lay here, but he is completely untrustworthy... My daughter likes to read here, and snack here.

I also did some errands today, and I picked these up at the grocery store. The purple is so pretty.

Anya likes to be in photos. I decided to place the afghan that my mother made back on the daybed, because I love it. The lemonade in the blue glass is safe, but I put strawberries here, not thinking about the mess. But in all honesty, when I started remaking the bed, I found sour candy rabbits from See's and sugar under the covers. 

Every month I visit a trunk sale or a flea market sort of show. It's interesting, and it's a big deal around here, and it is super crowded. Except for an occasional item that it is truly beautiful, but usually bigger than my home, it is just a little too western or too shabby for my taste.

So why do I go there? I visit to purchase Jeanne d' Arc's magazine. But I have to put on blinders, because I love pillows. Someone makes the prettiest shabby handmade pillows that I've seen in our area from vintage (or looks like vintage) fabric, and once a month I am tempted.  (I have to say prettiest shabby, because someone else's design shop carries the prettiest handmade, most elegant pillows I've ever seen, but they are way beyond what I would spend.)  The two narrow rectangular pillows came from this flea market's March and April's shows.  Now if I knew who made them, I would list her/his shop, but it doesn't say anything meaningful on the tag, because I've looked it up online. I say his or her, because the gorgeous pillows at the design shop are made by a male.

I don't like the number, so I am going to cover it by pinning a fabric blossom to it.

In the middle of the room is our study table, and the handmade, natural linen seat covers are from
Ticking and Toile.  I went with natural and I am completely happy. I know white can be washed, but the littlest thing can bother me, and I'd wash them so many times. I love this color because one can put their feet on the chairs and has not shown yet.  Perfect shade. Everyone is happy.

And when we were done, my daughter reminisced about the way the sleeping porch looked when we first got it: six inches of crud. There probably was, but this  shot is a cleaned up version with five missing windows, rotted stuff and boards pulled out of and off the walls, and a door. 

I've sort of left my chalkboard alone for a couple of months, because I have really enjoyed seeing this from the front door.  It's a little house so one can see from the front door to the porch doors out to the garden.

Now it is this mostly peaceful space in the home with a place to watch a movie, do laundry, or have a sleepover or a guest or two.

Update: The number on the pillow stays, because my daughter loves it, and there were many votes here to keep it.

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