20 April 2014

Happy Easter

For Easter dessert we set up a buffet.

Most of these pieces have been collected over time, and most of them came from second hand stores and vintage shops, except the two birds, the alphabet plates, flamingo glasses, and crown.

I placed the Lemon meringue pie in the Limoge dish to hide the pie plate, and then I elevated it on the cake plate.  If you think you know the rabbit,  you probably do.  It's Peter Rabbit.

The table cloth was made from old sheets, but I think I will press it the next time.

 I found the French lemonade and the pink lemonade at World Market and the glasses were an Ikea find some time ago.  I gave the glasses as a gift to my daughter, because they look pretty with her Alice and Wonderland china.

My daughter's chalkboard cartoon.

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18 April 2014

Make Kitchen Cabinets

Affordable Homemade Kitchen Cabinets Made From Ikea Islands

I wanted to enter a Makeover Madness party, so I am reviving how we affordably made some of the cabinets for our small, cottage kitchen.  (I apologize if you have seen this, but maybe
new readers have not.)

Our  motivation came from a small budget for a room that needed an entire kitchen.   My inspirations were small, old, freestanding European kitchens and my furniture.  I also wanted a collected over time look that fit the age and style of the cottage.

Except for hooking up the gas which we left to professionals, I did the design and my spouse and I did all the work on this side of the kitchen.

This sweet kitchen is petite, but it is a fun and a functional space of 84 square feet of
creativity, yet appropriate to this simple, old cottage, and the space makes me smile everyday.
Surprisingly, or not surprisingly, due to the affordability, my IKEA island cabinets are my most popular Pinterest pins.  The first four photos are the finished product, and the remainder is how it was accomplished.

The side cabinets are two modified Ikea islands.

The center island is an Ikea island with added baskets from Target and a cutting board that matches the stone on the sink side. One basket holds dishes and the utensils, and the other holds cookie cutters and potholders.  I love reaching into a
basket or an open shelf to pull out plates. The baskets keep the kitchen ordered and uncluttered.

I am going to show you how we made the kitchen cabinets beside the stove, we bought two Ikea islands called BEKVÄM and measured everything ahead of time: the refrigerator, stove, two islands and the space needed beside the stove and refrigerator, and clearances.

When we brought the islands home, my spouse measured and cut the wooden island tops to the size we needed.  Next, we went to a stone remnant yard to find a remnant of marble.  We gave the yard the measurements, and the yard fabricated two countertops for the islands that we picked up two weeks later.  We left the wooden countertop for support, height, and style, and we added RH handles for towels. At Pottery Barn, we found baskets for drawers.  These two islands cost about 500 dollars with the stone and fabrication, but under 700 with the center Ikea island, baskets, and the shelves we built.  
It saved about 7000 dollars.

Setting the Stage
Here is the kitchen BEFORE.
It was all rotted.

So we removed everything and opened up a wall. 
We needed appliances, but we had a really small budget, so we had to get creative.

Here's How We Did It
Below I'm showing the BEFORE  "islands" and how we did it.

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Here is a BEKVÄM kitchen island BEFORE our modifications.

Here is a island with the wooden top cut down with a marble top that we had fabricated to fit.  We left the wheels on the island, which happens to be a  functional feature; we can pull these islands out and clean behind them.

Installation of the "cabinets".

We built the shelves.

Here is the completed refrigerator side of the kitchen with the handles installed, the baskets inserted into the "cabinets", and everything painted.

Thank you for visiting and indulging us in our finished, approachable kitchen.

16 April 2014

A Rabbit's Adventures

The white rabbit received a bunting.

We also found three marble eggs for 3.75 at a second hand store.

So rabbit is on a temporary relocation from the comfortable sleeping porch's bed to a basket in the music room.

Just in time for the celebration...

Blessings to all faiths celebrating this week.

13 April 2014

Coloring and Picking Flowers

I cleaned the counter to take these photos.  We had so much fun that we had food coloring on the wood, because I had not sealed the counter in awhile:)  

Every year I pin the fancy eggs, and every year I stick with traditional.  It's what kids enjoy, and coloring eggs is suppose to be fun.

The roses and the cilantro came from the garden. The sticks are from the Mexican Bird of Paradise.  I wish we had more roses, but it's a new bush and there were only two blossoms. But the cilantro is as tall as the tomato plants, and there is plenty; it smells pretty, and its little white flowers look like lace.

The kitchen's white, rose wreath is still holding.  I placed the bird tray behind the faucet for a festive touch.

We used regular food coloring and neon with water and vinegar.
If the eggs get eaten, we will color more.

Daughter's Photo

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09 April 2014

Shopping Santa Fe


Magali, at The Little White House by the Sea, asked what we found in Santa Fe, and I promised to show her.  I will also show some more of Santa Fe in future posts.

Shopping in Santa Fe is interesting and fun.  In addition to gift shops with manufactured goods, there are lots of shops and stands of handmade jewelry, carvings, pottery, paintings, sculptures, knits, clothing, olive oil, and so on made by local crafters, artisans, artists, and pueblo people.

It was so cold for an April in Santa Fe that my daughter needed a hat.  Where we live it's 96 today, but in Santa Fe it was in the 30s and 40s, because the elevation is 7000 feet.  We purchased this gorgeous handmade hat from a crafter. 

Chocolates with Alice in Wonderland images.

When I was looking for a Madonna santos or even a statute of one, I instead found this manufactured statute of the Christ child.  I found it in the religious shop next to Loretto Chapel in the Loretto Inn and Spa.  Now a museum, the Loretto Chapel's architecture is different than most of the historic buildings off the historic Santa Fe plaza, because it was designed by a Frenchman.  It's gothic revival and its windows were imported from France, and the facade is limestone.

4 and 5
My daughter found this Santos crown for her cat statute, and she added
 a small original painting to her collection.

06 April 2014

Canyon Road, Santa Fe

Don't you love the simplicity of these shutters?

Santa Fe is one of my favorite places to visit in the west,
and I make sure I visit at least once a year.  
It is about an hour flight to ABQ plus an hour drive to Santa Fe, or it's a seven hour drive from Phoenix.
The city's elevation is 7000 feet. This time in April, it was cold, and it snowed, but it did not stick.  I've been here in March, and it's been warmer.

Today, we are going to walk down Canyon Road, so you will need a comfortable pair of shoes.
There is so much too see on this road.
Colors; art that's new, old, and modern; adobe; old, organically shaped buildings; trees; shades of blue and earth; even mountain views on a clear day...

Johnson's Garden is open to the public.  It's a good place to rest.
Love its verdigris and chipped Victorian garden furniture.

This is my favorite blue and look at the shutter and its metal detail!

But the wall is my favorite. If one looks closely at the wall of this home, this adobe has so many colors in it.  It is usually not this color, so I don't know if someone painted it, but it sure is pretty.
Look how it chips away. If it's real adobe they need to put another coat about every five years.

This is near the start of Canyon Road, but we walked down, so that's why I'm showing it now.  Canyon road is a mile and a quarter, and there are probably one hundred galleries.  There are a few gift shops and restaurants sprinkled along the road too. It is easiest to get a ride to the top of the road and get dropped off by the tea room and Ed Larson's gallery and then walk down the road's incline, because the sidewalks are narrow and uneven.  At the top is Ed Larson's gallery.  He is prolific, and if one wants to find a colorful and whimsical painting or sculpture for your home one is likely to find a piece within reach.  
Right next door is a tea room,
 and it is a great spot to rest or get something to drink.
Prices on Canyon Road are from one dollar to probably one million dollars!

Here's a wagon that is for sale and so are the rugs that are draped over the wall.

Sculptures and outdoor art are common sights.

Wind Sculptures


Wind Sculpture Video

Gates, walls, courtyards, alleys, adobe, sculptures, expensive salvage, uneven sidewalks, art, personalities... Canyon Road has it all.

And this is where we started: Wonderful Ed Larson

I hope you enjoyed your tour.  Here is what we brought home.