28 October 2014

From the Kitchen

Can we just skip to December? Everyone has been so busy, and I am really looking forward to the holidays and Friday. 

In my small kitchen my family's favorite snacks were on the island in various bags, and it was getting so messy. I didn't take a photo, but my home gets messy like most lived in homes. I've wanted to do something about it for a month or two, and the other day I found this wooden tray at Target.  The tray gave me something to do with these three Ikea jars that are 3 dollars each.

I filled them with the foods that disappear the most.
Pistachios, dried cranberries, and golden raisins.

Just five pictures of the same thing...

(I can see I need a new small camera again.  It has not been right since it was dropped in Venice.)

I'm going to try this out for awhile. Do you have a particular system of handling snacks?  

29 September 2014

What we have been up to...

Someone received her shoes.  It seems like she was waiting forever for it to be scheduled, and the date finally was scheduled, and then it rained flooded all around, and the fitting was delayed a week.  I took this photo before she danced in them.

I was out about looking for fabric letters, because I don't like to make them when I can buy them crafted at a reasonable price.  There were none in the vintage shop, but I  found this tarnished, silver shell tray that would be perfect for the holidays to change out my spring one. 

For the past few weeks, it has been wonderful, with all the rain, and we weathered it fine, but our roof was very old, and we replaced it.  We already tested the new roof with another big storm, and it weathered it just fine  We kept it vintage looking: it's a similar shade of white as the previous with the orange tile but now  it's energy efficient! Next summer the attic temperature should be around 157 degrees versus 189 degrees.  The flat parts of the roof  received a special foam and the temperature of the room with the planked ceiling is amazing now.

And my spouse did a great job trimming out the carport gate to hide the pickets, which didn't look so charming now that roof is not shabby.

I've also been out in the garden.  I've planted some cherry tomatoes.  I also tried to start my butter lettuce, but it was still too hot.  It also looks like I may get some of those miniature pumpkins that I planted.  They are only about an inch around right now, but maybe there will be some in time for Halloween or Thanksgiving.

19 September 2014

Seashell Ornaments

My daughter made some hair ornaments with seashells.

Hopefully back soon.

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11 September 2014

Basil Wreath

It rained so much earlier this week, and it was wonderful to receive so much rain.
In our neighborhood, we made it through relatively unscathed.  
It's dry now, and the people that are redoing our roof are at work.  So there was tapping away on the room at 5:30 this morning, so I headed out to the garden, while my spouse set up the juicer.

My basil is the size of bushes and some of it went to seed before I could pinch it off.
So I snipped bunches and bunches of basil and mint.

This is so simple.  I just used floral wire to attach layered bunches.
I think next time, I might just use one single wire ring, because it took me a while, but I kept working enjoying a mostly quiet morning except for the work outside.

It smells beautifully, and now I need to find a spot to hang the wreath.

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02 September 2014

A New Learning Year

Since it's that time of year again, my thirteen year old wanted to change her personal learning space.  
It's still too hot for the big table on the porch.

She borrowed one of the stools from the kitchen.  She loves cottage, industrial, and boho, and
many of the decorative items in her room are her vintage finds or something someone made.
She loves second hand shops!  (I love them too, but our home is small, and an item has to go or be put away when something is purchased.)

She also loves IKEA.  The Ikea cart keeps her materials organized.

The desk has been ours for many years., and despite its small demeanor, it is quite functional.
It can be closed up at night. For extra items, the baskets underneath store items not often used.

 Hung over the metal door in her room , is the pin board I made her a few months ago.
She uses it to hang jewelry. The door itself is used to hang drawings, postcards, photos with an assortment of pretty black and white magnets.... a changing display of a young teen. Some of the magnets came from an Anthro clearance and some from an office supply store.

With all that is going on in the world, sometimes I feel silly or shallow writing about home or making projects.  I don't even have a business.  But then I think my job is important, I'm raising an adult, keeping a home, and sharing ideas with lovely people who have similar interests.

P.S. Friends, I have many photos of our trip through Tirol, Venice, Florence, Pisa, and Rome.
I will share if it interests. After our three weeks in Tirol, we traveled around Italy for two weeks using the trains, buses, our feet, and the occasional taxi.  We stayed in bed and breakfasts and small family hotels,  and we ate only one meal out per day.  It made the trip reasonable.

26 August 2014

Flower Gardens From TIrol

The flowers were wonderful in Tirol.  These photos are of tamed gardens, but we also took some photos reminiscent of "The Sound of Music" that I will share at a later time.

While my daughter was at class or practicing, I loved the little cafes in the village.  Coffee was served in coffee cups with a saucer.  No "To go".   I would sit there, and someone would inevitably wander by that I knew, and that person would join me, and we would chat.

I would walk around, and admire the window boxes and
the gardens.

P.S.  I've read all your comments, and I am trying to visit everyone's blog to catch up.

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21 August 2014

Magic of Tirol

This summer, I accompanied my daughter to a magical region in the southern Tirol of the Italian Alps, so she could study piano for three weeks with some wonderful professors.

Several times a day we would walk down and then up a mountain from our lodgings to the village to attend classes.  The trail would turn to road, gravel, stairs, gravel, sidewalk, stairs, and then cobblestone. In the early evening one could hear the music down in the village echoing off the mountains.  In the beginning we were panting up the hill, but by the end of the trip, we were easily hiking up the hill.  By the middle of the trip, she was often running ahead, not because she was faster, but because of the perceived safety.

The village church is open most daylight hours. Children on bicycles pedal the village. Shrines greet weary travelers who make it up the hill or who embark on a hike. Apple strudel, gelato, and lattes in coffee cups!  Afternoon siestas and no internet!  Medieval castles and churches....    In the early evening, while preparing to attend a concert in a castle, one could hear the music in the village below.

We loved our simple, summer life, in the summer Alps. A church in the center of a village that rings its bells every hour from seven to seven... Nature all around...   When she finished studying, we spent a couple of weeks traveling, but our hearts missed the nature and the quiet village.  We have been back a little over a week, and we are starting to feel settled at home again.

Three single lane roads meet, and there is a shrine to the left out of view.

This trail is just one stairway that leads to the church.

 This trail appeared, not to go through.