27 January 2015


We wanted to show you this piece.
This weekend, my daughter and I with my spouse 
moved this painted vintage piece into her room, so she would have a place to display the quilts she collects, and the heirloom handkerchiefs from my Russian great grandmother, and more grown up collectibles. (The piece was found in this condition.)

It's actually a light weight piece of mirrors and glass, and he managed to place it despite her tree.
(Those are now doorstop houses that my daughter made from left over wood with each side a different scene for example a garden.  Originally they were toys that she made for Pet Shops. Each side has a different scene: candy shops, garden, ice cream shops, toy store etcetera.)

I love her idea!

This is the full size canopy bed she moved into.
We turned it sideways, because she envisioned it as a daybed.
It is simple to make. She leaves the pillows on the back and arranges the textured linens and throws this way and that.  Her dressing area remained the same except for moving the side table.

And in case you saw the bed last week before she decided we needed to move something, this is not a mirror image. Afterwards we realized the corner cabinet had to be on the other side,
and it was the easiest piece that my spouse has ever moved since it is a triangle.
If you take a close look she has the wicker baskets from her former bed that hold paperbacks under this bed.

Her bedside table find from last year went over here with wire baskets to organize.

The color on the wall is Sherwin Williams Sea Salt? I know he told her that she had wait two years the last time... but he painted it again for her.

We still have to move the chandelier to the other side.
And the bucket stays here this time, because it goes so well with the colors.

Yesterday, I went to the Russian deli to pick up some cheese and they had a chocolate birthday cake with Mozart's name decorated with a stave of music! His birthday is January 27, 1756. That's today.  The cake was so delightful, but my daughter doesn't eat chocolate, so today we will have to make something and tea to celebrate. And since today is Mozart's birthday here is Mitsuko Uchida
playing sonata K333's second movement.  In my opinion, the second movement is one of Mozart's most beautiful pieces. Here's Horowitz version of the third movement.  He is quite old here, but it is so delightful even with a couple of errors, because of the colors.
My daughter plays all three movements of this sonata, and this is one of my favorite Mozart sonatas.
Also today in our area, there is a Mozart marathon on the classical station.
When she studied in Italy last summer we went to Salzburg, Austria to visit Mozart's birthplace.
We live in a tiny house, in one of those old neighborhoods that are being fixed-up, and fortunately we love old things, so we can save for music study.

Here's Mozart's birthplace.
and his house is on the left street of this street... probably where I stood to take the photo.

We also saw sights from the Sound of Music too.

I believe classical music and musicals should be taught to the young,
otherwise the next generation will not know it.
It is not easy to appreciate. Sometimes we have to listen to a piece several times before we feel it.
Have a wonderful day.

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22 January 2015

Sweet Photo

Just took a sweet photo of my daughter's new French style full bed. She imagined it as a daybed.
I love the way she arranged. The rose garland and the butterfly...
We are in the midst of making the room her dream for a teen.
The linens are different textured whites, so the bed is easy to make or not make.

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18 January 2015

Weekends at Home

I usually collect santos and angels, but I saw this statue and could not stop thinking about it.  A week later, my husband took me back to the specialty shop to get it for me. Fortunately there were a few.
It has such a cherubic, peaceful expression, and it is a unique portrayal with a vintage vibe.

For now the statue is on my sleeping porch.

I really like the light distressing on it.

I also went to the garden shop to pick up some annuals to plant in the garden beds.  I plant these in the beds to attract the bees and the butterflies. I will be starting my spring  kitchen garden in two weeks. I grew some nice winter tomatoes, but not a lot this year. 
Because it was unseasonably cold for a few days, the plants succumbed to the weather, 
and most of the tomatoes dropped before turning red.

While I was outside, he took a break from playing with the cat on the roof to pose for some photos on top of this distressed armoire that I use for outdoor supplies.

Inside, I have enjoyed looking at my first copy of this magazine. I found it at a vintage store that carries the magazine. This issue has lovely photos, recipes, and articles on French and Nordic style.
Needless to say, I've not finished picking up from the holiday, but I've made progress. We also went to dinner with some friends of ours that are artists. Afterwards, he had us try a painting technique that is just suppose to be free form. His daughter and my daughter had a lot of fun, but the paint is not dry yet. I hope you are enjoying a lovely weekend.

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16 January 2015

Putting Away the Holiday

We spent some time this week rearranging the kitchen shelves.

And because we always love a little "Alice in Wonderland" around here, we arranged the teacups in the glass cabinet.

I want to thank you for all the lovely comments on the last post. I am trying to respond to each and everyone of you.  Have any of you experienced being  locked out of responding to your visitors even though you are logged into your blog? Well, it seems I can only respond to three at a time.

This lovely towel came from a local designer's shop, and it's a store that I visited for the first time. I love to support small businesses, but they don't have a webpage. 

I love neutrals, but I also like just  a bit of color sometimes.
The small colored bowls are here for now.

Oh, and my spouse hung this print here, and moved the oil painting to another spot.
It's not a good photo, but it looks like old toile with cows in a romantic setting.
I am actually still cleaning up from the holidays, because of the ten days we spent watching an international piano competition. Now, it is back to school. I've been wanting to create something, and I love wreaths.  I am so inspired by Elisabeth's paper rose wreath here.
And just so you know that I read your blogs and love the pretty photos, I keep this heart page.
It is its own page separate my blog following on bloglovin.
I love this feature, and use it often as you can see.
Thank you for all your lovely visits.

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12 January 2015

Some Thoughts on Living

I didn't choose a word for the year, but maybe it is beauty.

old favorite bergere chair, 

old throw, and old concrete floor... Do you have a favorite chair?

All of us create in different ways whether that be with words, projects, poetry, photos, art, and so on; there is a place for everyone.   I usually don't write much here, and prefer to share photos. I also choose not to show mess, unless I hope to inspire others that one can start from scratch.  I prefer beauty. The world has enough ugly and evil that I prefer this space to be peaceful and whimsical.

I have discovered that dried wreaths can last a year, sometimes a bit more, and
I  love shells, because there is little or no cost.

If I could write beautiful thoughts I would, but photos and a few words here and there are more my style. However, I sometimes forget that there are experiences that we love: ballet, classical music, art, literature, learning to garden, and so on. Since it is my opinion that beauty begins at home and in our neighborhoods and places of worship, I will try to remember to mention once in awhile  or photograph what we are listening to, what is being read, cooking, and so on.

Spouse's Reading

My Side

I recently missed out again on filming my daughter playing Chopin, Shostakovich, and a Mozart piano concerto played here by Mitsuko Uchida. A parent was so kind to film one of the pieces and sent it to us!  Parents cannot film at competitions, but at award programs and recitals cameras are allowed.  At this level most parents' have a nice picture/sound setup. So my husband spoke to our neighbor, a camera expert, and now we have a camera with a boom to record next time.
 I'm really excited about learning how to  use this  camera.
The cameras are so advanced with a boom attachment that they are replacing recorders.

I was also featured at A Joyful Cottage.  I forgot to mention one idea I had about old cottages or old homes.  Don't be afraid to move to a place where homes are being fixed.  Sometimes it just takes one or two persons to repair and then it starts a renewal on the street. A couple of years ago most of the homes in our neighborhood needed curb appeal, now probably 3/4s look good.

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09 January 2015

A Joyful Cottage

On Saturday, Nancy from a  A Joyful Cottage, will feature our cottage here.

I want to thank Nancy for the invitation. She and her spouse are in the process of building a small cottage from the ground up, and it's fun and interesting to follow along from the planning phases.
She also has a  wonderful weekly series on Living Large in Small Spaces where she features small homes: new and old.

31 December 2014

Lemons and Cold Weather

Lemons & Citrus

It's cold here. Really cold for here...

My daughter said to me, "Mom, we have to get the lemons off the tree now." So out into the garden my daughter went to pick the lemons and the citrus off the trees, because it might actually freeze tonight and the next night, and the rain might turn to snow on some of the mountains.
The cold already got the tomatoes and basils.

A few bowlfuls later...

There are some lemons for her, for us, for the neighbors, and for lemonade.
She does look a little solemn. We didn't have time to make her or us a party hat.
Happy New Year!
Thank you for visiting us and inspiring us all year.