28 February 2015

A Touch of Whimsy

Some photos that we took, but never posted. 

In the crown of the campaign bed we placed some faux birds, my daughter use to have pet birds, but cats and roadrunners have too much interest in them.

a touch of whimsy...

I had a little accident with my hand, and two of my fingers are in  a splint, because I shut the car door on three of them at the home improvement store. The door completely shut on them, and I couldn't open the door with my right hand to free them. I was screaming in the parking lot, just after  wondering why someone was screaming there the other day.  :) My spouse got back in the car and had to push the door open. They checked the  x-rays more than once, because the doctors couldn't believe the fingers were not broke. I have tiny hands, so it's in a kid-size splint. They look terrible, and throb, but I'm managing.  My daughter exclaimed ( after showing sympathy), "oh no! no computer! or projects"  I typed this with one hand.  
So I might get behind on visiting or responding. xoox

26 February 2015

Nursery Visit

Besides the slow work in the backyard, we have several projects going on. I still don't have photos of my two restored windows,  because the camera contains some musical recordings from my daughter's recent event that need downloading. But since one of the current projects involves plants, I've spent a couple of late afternoons visiting nurseries. This one is called Whitfill. Over the years of living in this area, I've been to this nursery a number of times, yet some how I managed to walk by this shop on the premises. These photos were taken with a phone.

There is a nice mixture of old and new items.

The shop is in the original owner's adobe home, and the floors are concrete. 

The screen is a clever use of old doors.

This is a trellised area outside the original home.
The shop and the nursery itself are so charming, and whoever does the displays has a good eye.
I could spend hours looking around this place.

And a few photos from around the home:
 A week or so ago, there were some exhausted roses from Valentine's Day.

We also had a little fun with her crown for Mardi Gras.

Any one else having trouble with Bloglovin picking up their feed and displaying the latest posts?  

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22 February 2015

Copper Garden Bed Arches

Hello.  We have been so busy in the garden and on the outside of the house. Before it gets hot, we are enjoying the weather and completing outdoor projects. We restored two Haver-esque corner living room windows, but I have not taken photos. My spouse did all the sanding, and it took him many evenings! At one point it looked like a failure; that's when the bare wood looked so bad, and the glass on the bottom panes fell out, and the outdoor cats visited. When he finished sanding and painting, the glass people installed tempered glass on the floor windows, new glass in the remainder, and putty. Old school. Even here, the putty takes a year to dry, but the 71 year old windows look beautiful.

We also have someone working on the 3/4 of the yard that you don't see.  We just can't move caliche.  The ground is as hard as stone and the dirt is clay. They only come once a week. But, we found some easy projects to do.

These are the garden beds that my spouse built last year. The trellis arches hold shade cloths for the plants. Come May or June the it's too hot for them. The pvc holds the shade cloths with ties, but it is not pretty, but copper is. But, it would be prohibitive to have someone make them. 

Copper was suppose to be Copper in the title. So four spray cans latter of metallic paint, we had faux copper trellis arches to hold the shade cloths.

My spouse painted them in an empty part of the yard, but he always left a bare spot so he could return them to the holders for drying. When they were dry, he finished painting.

We also stained the outside of the beds with Sherwin Williams outdoor opaque stain in River Birch. It doesn't completely hide the grain, but I do like it less busy.
Now my daughter is much happier with the view from her room, because her window looked out on it.  Everything is blooming here; the lettuce is huge; the citrus blossoms' scent enchants. I know so many of you are still cold, but you can feel some comfort in the fact that we get four months of unbearable weather. 
This last photo is of the stained beds and "copper" arches.

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13 February 2015

Walled Garden

Just a peek at the new and remodeled garden walls.
The falling down fence on one side is gone, and the extra wall is gone too. Then, a new wall was built to replace the falling down chain link fence on one side of the yard.  And finally, the three different walls were stuccoed to match. 

This is a peek of one that has dried. 
We love it, because it's a color that takes on whatever is next to it. This one looks a little lavender blue, spots of walls that have more sun look aloe or gray depending on the time of day. They also now cast pretty shadows. I will share a few more photos and some befores soon.  

07 February 2015

Tea in the Afternoon

Faded Roses and Sour Hearts and Tarnished Vintage Spoons

lemon, orange, green tea, and vanilla bean macaroons from the local macaroon baker

A window seat ...with books and throws

Polka Dot and Striped Teacups with Wild Orange Blossom Tea
When the tea is gone there is a toile image inside...

Many asked to see the inside of the teacup. I tried to get an image of the inside, but the bucolic, romantic scene is a little blurry and made worse when I photographed it. Regardless, when I am using these cups they make me happy.

Loving the colors and grateful for home.
 I hope you are enjoying your weekend.
Thank you for visiting.

P.S. During activities, this is Anya's usual spot under the table. My daughter calls her a bush dweller. She prefers to be under things. The highest she can jump is my daughter's bed, because of arthritis.

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05 February 2015

February's Mantel

I love whites, aquas, greens, grays, and pinks.

We dressed our"Love" banner with some vintage looking clips of putti.

I really loved the colors in these, and spray roses are inexpensive and there are many in a bunch.
I trim the ends every couple of days, and they last at least a week, and I also remove some before they are too faded and dry them.

I also love soda in a pretty bottles, and what's nice about soda in pretty bottles is that they have less sugar, but usually real sugar, and no food coloring compared to American products. This one is from France. For the same reason, we love grocery products from Italy. 

We use the console on the sleeping porch like a mantel. One doesn't necessarily need a fireplace to have a mantel just a small area designated for an evolving or changing arrangement.

I make the white pointed buntings.
 The rose one is just blossoms and ribbons, and just five dollars.
I purchased it, because it was less than the one I planned to make.

"Let us always meet each other with a smile, for the smile is the beginning of love."
Mother Teresa
For the quote of the month, I wrote this excerpt, because it is a simple action and children and teens  all  can practice. What I like about the quote is that it is an action; it is not just flowery and pretty.
It reflects a life: a woman of action.
And thank you to Jann Olson who featured my daughter's canopy daybed.
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03 February 2015

Garden Photos


This poor old cactus took a beating last year. It rained so much it collapsed under it's own weight. We had to hire someone to remove half of it, but they hacked it. 

Hopefully, in a year or two it will recover. It is growing some new limbs! That purple thing will be a limb.

This is aloe vera and it grows wild back in this yard.

In the spring it always blooms around the fountain. It must get just the right amount of moisture in this spot.

When I photograph the backyard, I take photos of the raised beds that we built or of the older established yard, because that's the pretty part. I prefer it half-wild and shabby. I don't like it prim and proper. After all, it's desert, and I cannot get a more tamed, lush look of a cottage garden. If it is trimmed into balls, it looks hot and the flowering plants take forever to come back.
We trim and prune here and there trying to get a natural desert look.

Most of the yard is empty or empty now, except for this section and the beds. This past week we had a demolition man with a small Bobcat remove all the concrete blocks, bricks, pavers, and an extra wall on the back.  Demolition is the key word if you want people to remove something.
We had been trying to get the old bricks and concrete out of here for months. People don't want them and they charge a mint to pick them up by hand and move them. I did not know about demolition until the wall guy told us. Six hours later the double wall was gone and all the piles and piles of mismatched concrete, pavers, and bricks.  
Four dump truck loads fill! That doesn't count all the previous dump loads!

We are getting ready to have someone grade the yard, and place crushed rock down. We also have someone building a wall on the side yard of the backyard to replace an old chain link fence. I don't care for walls, because they radiate heat, but it's the only thing besides metal that endures the weather here,but we have plans to make it work.

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