26 August 2014

Flower Gardens From TIrol

The flowers were wonderful in Tirol.  These photos are of tamed gardens, but we also took some photos reminiscent of "The Sound of Music" that I will share at a later time.

While my daughter was at class or practicing, I loved the little cafes in the village.  Coffee was served in coffee cups with a saucer.  No "To go".   I would sit there, and someone would inevitably wander by that I knew, and that person would join me, and we would chat.

I would walk around, and admire the window boxes and
the gardens.

P.S.  I've read all your comments, and I am trying to visit everyone's blog to catch up.

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21 August 2014

Magic of Tirol

This summer, I accompanied my daughter to a magical region in the southern Tirol of the Italian Alps, so she could study piano for three weeks with some wonderful professors.

Several times a day we would walk down and then up a mountain from our lodgings to the village to attend classes.  The trail would turn to road, gravel, stairs, gravel, sidewalk, stairs, and then cobblestone. In the early evening one could hear the music down in the village echoing off the mountains.  In the beginning we were panting up the hill, but by the end of the trip, we were easily hiking up the hill.  By the middle of the trip, she was often running ahead, not because she was faster, but because of the perceived safety.

The village church is open most daylight hours. Children on bicycles pedal the village. Shrines greet weary travelers who make it up the hill or who embark on a hike. Apple strudel, gelato, and lattes in coffee cups!  Afternoon siestas and no internet!  Medieval castles and churches....    In the early evening, while preparing to attend a concert in a castle, one could hear the music in the village below.

We loved our simple, summer life, in the summer Alps. A church in the center of a village that rings its bells every hour from seven to seven... Nature all around...   When she finished studying, we spent a couple of weeks traveling, but our hearts missed the nature and the quiet village.  We have been back a little over a week, and we are starting to feel settled at home again.

Three single lane roads meet, and there is a shrine to the left out of view.

This trail is just one stairway that leads to the church.

 This trail appeared, not to go through.

24 July 2014

My daughter and I are in Italy at a music festival in the Alps, but because the internet signal is weak here, I have been unable to update posts and read blogs :(
We are having a good time, and she is learning a lot.
I will catch up with everyone when we get back in a couple of more weeks.

12 July 2014

Mad Tea Party

Adjust your crown!  It's a tea party

with a Mad Hatter.

A Fanciful Twist

It's that time.

Roses are painted red, and

we are brewing orange blossom and youth berry tea.

Teacups are stacked, and pinkies are pointed.

The tables are set.

"Take some more tea."

"Why this watch is exactly two days slow!"

Sugared peaches and Cream...
Vanilla Bean Cupcakes...
"Eat me."

"Oh my ears and whiskers."

The white rabbit has arrived.

"Come and dine with the Red Queen, the White Queen, and me."

"No, no the adventures first."

"The Garden of Live Flowers"

(Daughter's photo)
"In another moment  Alice was through the glass,
 and had jumped lightly down into the Looking-glass room."

11 July 2014

Where Bloggers Create

The 2014 Where Bloggers Create party at My Desert Cottage

It's not fixed up, but we have a shed to create in.  It is too warm to work in half the year, but someday we will fix that.

Where Bloggers Create

We don't have the room set up, because we want to work on it, and that means everything will have to come out.  This table has a large surface and the glass says "Love" in many different languages.  My daughter and I do lots of projects.

Just a small sample of a few of the paints we have.   We make all kinds of things.




 Angel Wings

 Banners with Words



Faux Painting

The kitchen garden is right outside the door.


 The cats hang out at the patio table keeping us company.