17 November 2015

A Simple Project

I am often inspired by Swedish homes and their simplicity. (Though frequently I may not be simple.) Even though it is a couple of weeks away, I am sharing it now, because I am working on other things.

This is a simple advent "wreath".
In a slope bowl 8.5" and  $7.50 from Crate and Barrel are four of their almost two dollar candles, their shorter white ones, with some silver pinecones. (This is not an endorsement of CB.)
I bought pinecones, because we don't have pinecones here.
I normally would have candles, but I left them out of the refrigerator in the potting shed, so they melted in the summer. 

First, I cut a piece of floral foam to the size that would fit nicely in the bowl.
Then I decided where the holes would go on the foam so there would be enough space to fit a pinecone in the middle.
Then I pushed the candles into the foam carefully, so as not to break them, and then removed them.
Next, I used my hot glue gun to put a nickel sized dot at the bottom of the bowl to secure foam.
Then I put hot glue in the holes and placed the four candles.
My daughter than placed fifteen pinecones of various sizes to cover the foam; so, the number of pinecones depends on the size of the pinecones and the size of the bowl.
Then we tied a piece of twine around the third week's candle.

I think this could be done to make a menorah in a different shaped dish, though I might use something other than menorah candles, because they melt really fast and are very short by the last day. 

I also think it could be done colorfully or traditionally.

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15 November 2015

Early Holiday Touches

This dove was purchased from Dore's etsy shop at Burlap Luxe.

Oh, and I tried to make snowball ornaments from stuff I purchased at the dollar store, but I just kept burning my fingers, so there is only two, actually only one and no tutorial.
These are simple "Nordic" inspired touches.

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08 November 2015

Autumn Garden

 These photos were taken by my daughter.

We welcome the cooler autumn days, because once again our winter garden begins to come to life.

Abundant rose blossoms...

For selecting and gathering...

Some spill over the bed's sides...

This one is so dainty and ruffled like a tutu...

White seems to glow as the sunsets...

This one seems to wave...

As the sun settles...

and evening calls...


And a month or two ago, I started sharing to Instagram...

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31 October 2015

A Sweet Little Halloween

Happy Halloween


29 October 2015

This and That and a Simple Autumn

It's raining outside again, which is unusual for here.

We have been making simple crowns from some of the ribbons, lace, and beads that
 we have around here. We displayed some at our  Fanciful Twist's Halloween Tea.
Maybe we will put some on the Christmas tree.
I'm not the first to crown pumpkins. Dore makes beautiful wire crowns.

Out in the garden, the winter garden is planted.  But it is also a wonderful time for roses. They are blooming again after a hot summer! Maybe they will bloom until May if we don't have a few days of cold this winter. My lettuce is also ready again, and I also have some wildflowers.

So I picked some flowers, wild or not, and lettuce and basil, and I placed these pretties in these petite dimpled bowls and placed them in various spots in the home. I mix the colors inspired by Venice. These bowls would be pretty even with sticks, acorns, or autumn leaves if that is what you have in your area. (The bowls were a dollar or two from Ikea last year.)
I enjoyed this from Sarah.

The dimpled glass looks vintage next to pretty French goblets made in France with bumble bee embellishment.

I'm going to make a least one pair of my angel wings. It prepares me for the holidays.
I use worn sheets and chicken wire.

I also dry some of the flowers that I find in the yard or bring home, and then scatter them on the table, or I fill one of the dimple glasses with them. And since I love drawing on the chalkboard, I'm painting some canvases black and drawing on them with white pastel. 

Finally, I am reading Jacque Pepin's new book Heart and Soul in the Kitchen.
He writes my favorite cookbooks. He is Simple Beautiful Food. This book is extra special. It's a hardcover. It is also autobiographical.  ( The French chef is nearly eighty and multi-talented.) Besides many doable recipes, he writes about simplicity and the beauty of food, wine, family, his career path, and so on.
The photographs are lovely, but I also love the simple art illustrations, which I think are mostly his. His master degree was in French literature and his Phd in food in French literature. 
It is my favorite cookbook ever, and probably destined to be a must have for some cooks.
I will be making miso salmon soon and his chicken soup.
Also, once again, he has a cooking show on PBS.

And that's it. I'm sharing this at Kerrianne's, because she said it was time to share what we are creating or preparing for the upcoming holidays. I am also sharing at RJ's Art at Home's Literary Friday. Thank you for visiting, and enjoy your holiday weekend. 

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