18 December 2014

Jingle Bell Garland

It's still a work in progress, but I wanted to show you one project that I've been up to.  While shopping and looking for a Hanukkah gift, I saw some garlands that remind me of branches. Some had little rainbow colored beads or pom-pom. They were so pretty, but too much.

 When I was home, I wanted to create a pom pom one, but  
I had some 9mm bells and some silver coated copper wire. I found my supplies, and
I started stringing and twisting and adding side branches until I ran out of little bells.
I still plan to add some more, because I purchased another small bag of bells.
 This is also a kitty approved project, she loved watching and trying to get it while I worked.
It's easy, but a little tricky because my wire was very thin. I think you could use a thicker wire, but it will be a bit harder on the hands.

This is all you need.  It's just sort of random or how a branch looks. 
It's less than 5 dollars worth of material, and you will still have lots of wire for other projects.
It started out about my height 5 feet, but it ended up about 4 feet.

When someone opens the drawer these size bells have such a gentle musical tone that even people with sensitive ears can enjoy.

For now, I hung it beside the wreath I made. It has a delicate, magical quality to it.

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12 December 2014

Angel Wings

I finished making another pair of angel wings

Have a wonderful weekend!

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08 December 2014

Christmas 2014

The Library
I really try to keep things light around here at Christmas and during the holidays.
I filled a wire basket with some of the ornaments.

This is a tree we found at a secondhand store after last year's Christmas. We placed in a bin that my daughter found at another shop.

Living Room
Some seashell ornaments are mixed in with the real seashells.

One of our Santos is holding a star.
Our cottage is in the desert, and I love agave grays and soft greens and turquoise.

The Living Room Tree is has a noble fir, but it is decorated with a collection of handmade ornaments that I have gathered for years from Arizona and Santa Fe. They are mostly made of tin.
The lights are battery operated.

I made the wreath and the handmade angel came from a shop in Santa Fe.

This is our kitchen that my spouse and I remodeled together.

I placed a small tree in a basket and hung it from the island.

This is another room we all worked on together.
We chose another noble fir and kept it unadorned, because it is so pretty.

My daughter's Heidi's clogs from when she was little.

I drew the desert scene. I've been drawing it all year, and adding to it every month.

Last year, I made the angel wings from scraps of a duvet cover, wire, and faux feathers.

This is my daughter' room.


The Carport

The Potting Shed

We just finished my spouse's office. I placed a tree in a very large cookie can.

The kitty watches from one off her favorite spots. She is an indoor cat that we adopted from a cat sanctuary, and she had been declawed. She had a difficult time adjusting, but now she is in the middle of things. I thought she would hide under the bed when the house was full for Thanksgiving. Nope! She was chatting with all the guests.

Our Toy Poodle... He loves sneaking kitty food.

She likes her new Christmas tray. This concludes the Christmas Home Tour.

I have other  photos that I'll share some other day.  I keep it very simple, so there is not a lot of stress with all the family activities that occur during December and January. Each year, I try to make it easier. I didn't show the dining room, because there are projects going on. My stable is not set up, because my spouse took down the television in the library and the wall is being patched. My advent calendar is started, but I have to clear a space. It's a small home, after all.  xoxo Thank you for taking the time to visit us here and leaving beautiful messages all year. Su

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03 December 2014

A Little Bit of Christmas Decor

I'm sharing a few photos of my porch today.
So far, I have only decorated one small spot of the home.

My winter scene in the desert is sketched in fully. All year, I've changed it month by month except for the six weeks spent away.  I made the white garland with the sequins.

In the frame is the score of one of the movements of a 
Haydn's piano concerto that my daughter plays. 
It's a beautiful and happy symphony. The world's greatest woman pianist Martha Algerich plays the first movement  here.  My favorite movement is the third.
Amazingly, Haydn created joyful music, even though his life was not so joyful. 
Here is a link to the pom pom wreath that I made for the porch.

And my office is done. It's quite different than our porch, which is the brightest room in our home.

I'm Featured here on December 9th at Brooke's Creative Country Mom.
She has an ongoing tour with featured bloggers, but she also has a link up.
I joined the link up and she featured this room on her google page and blog. That's really sweet that her party is inclusive. xoox

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01 December 2014

Office Reveal

The Cabin

Our office in the carport cabin is finished! Though we still have to finish placing the books in the cases and making it lived in.
For those who don't follow, we turned a room in the carport between the carport and the potting shed into an office for my spouse and me. An electrician redid the electricity. My spouse and I did everything else. He now can walk out the back door of the kitchen into the carport, down its hall, and unlock his private office away from what is going on in the house.
It's a very different look.

He installed wood tile, but first we sorted the boxes so it would look random.
When my spouse finished cleaning the lines between the "wood" tile with a special tool that reminds me of a pizza cutter, I said, "No grout! It's perfect." The 1/8 of inch space reminded me of the real wood floors in my last home. It looks old and real and that's what I wanted. I think grout would of made it look even and new. This floor is tough for the location.

One looks into the potting shed and one looks into the carport, so it's a naturally dark room. It had only two windows, and he replaced both. (The window glass was only held by duct tape, so they had to be replaced.)  I saved the frame of the one that had a frame.  In regards to the color, my daughter and I thought, let's go with the darkness and choose something daring.
The  paint on the walls is SW 7020 Black Fox.
It's one of Sherwin-Williams trending colors of 2015.
We didn't know that when we selected the color for the wood walls!

Black Fox is a very warm dark gray with brown. It is so cozy, elegant, with a silent feel. Sherwin-Williams described it as a Chrysalis palette with influences from the earth and sky.
"Like a butterfly emerging from its cocoon, we’re poised for change."
Perfect for us!
We left the original beamed ceiling natural, and he gave the walls just one coat of color so that the wood grain would show through like a stain; if you look closely you can see the grain.
 It has a warm natural enveloping feel. This room is the coziest room in the home.
In the past, my spouse did a similar planked application to the walls so he went really fast, even though this was a different product; it's a two sided product from HD.
It's a wide plank on one side and narrow on the other, and it can be installed either way.
I love real greens on dark, because it reminds me of the forest.

My spouse is perfectly happy with the room's masculine feel. It feels like one is in the woods. The room is only 8 x 11, but it seems much larger, because it is mostly monochromatic.
I wanted the new conduit exposed to the whimsical French style chandelier above and to the room next door, which is the potting shed.  Because this home is an older (71 years ), simple home, and because I wanted to keep the original beamed ceiling.

I wanted to use furniture stored in our backyard shed. This home is much smaller than previous homes, so the furniture came from various rooms. To unify the pieces for a small space, we painted the bookcases Annie Sloan's Graphite. The off white color that they were didn't work in this room.  I left the natural wood stain on the tops and backs, because they look nice with the ceiling.  I sanded and highlighted the features with some silver wax.  The Ikea Table was in a studio, in the last home. We gave the table base the same color without sanding.
I LOVE the top of this desk. (It says love in multiple languages.)
The two chairs that disappear are from Ikea, the larger ones that I had did not work in this space.

Each side of the table has a wall sconce and a book case, so we can share the space while my daughter is studying piano. (She doesn't like us to make distractions.)
The two sconces in mint are from Crate and Barrel. 

The french gray-green velvet chair was in the living room of my last home. The baskets are favorites  from Pottery Barn and Target, that are also in our kitchen.
I had all the wall art except for the wreath.

I was inspired by the the age of the house, our trip to Italian Alp's, the darkness, and the fact that it is primarily for my spouse and the space is in the carport between a potting room and a carport.
This was a find in my favorite antique decor store ever, but alas it is no more.  This is probably an older shutter; it's from south of the border, and someone at some point in time painted an angel.
 It's really heavy, but really interesting and pretty. It's a beautiful remnant of history that makes you take a moment to stop and reflect. Where ever you go In the Italian Alps, there are little shrines along the roads, paths, hiking trails, and homes, and I loved that. I have a nice collection of retablos, so I am happy this one worked here.

For cool mornings in the winter we have a little space heater under one of the windows. Isn't so cute!?
But when it is warmer, there is an air conditioner.

It was not easy to photograph this small space.

It needed something extra festive for the holidays, so I put a tree in a large Christmas cookie can that I saved from the previous year.

Spouse's photo.
It is his cabin, and it reminds him of his grandfather and his  pipe. We were inspired by the lodges in the Alps and Norwegian cabins. Since I like Gustavian and French furniture and rooms, this was not far from my comfort zone; it's more masculine tones are appropriate given its function.

You can view the beginning of the project to the end here. (Just scroll down and it will take you backwards through about five posts to a year or so ago.)  Amazingly, I discovered that we actually began this project on November 12 almost a year to the date that I started it the last time, but this time we finished. My spouse was disappointed that he didn't take a before photo, but I did for this blog!

This room is my spouse's Christmas present.

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