04 May 2016

The Spring Garden

 You can also find me on Instagram. I like it there I've found that I can show my artistic side.
It may be a small niche, but I think I can show beauty and magic in every day life.
Except for living things here and there, I finished fixing up this house. There is only so much one can do and there is only so much things one can have, and that's not me.
I paint and draw and take photos and read classics and cook easy things and take care of a family, poodles and kitties. That's me.


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27 April 2016

ORC week 4 Choosing Furniture Paint and Painting

This week is furniture painting.
I love chalk paint, and I've used Annie Sloan on at least fifteen pieces now with great results.
I finally decided on a color for the armoire, and maybe the small side chest.
Again, I had my doubts about paint and what to choose. I know that I thought I wanted white, but I put myself through the paint song and dance again. I do love (((green))).

But, I reassured myself that I had repaired a table top in my daughter's room on a painted Ethan Allen piece, and Annie Sloan's old white chalk paint blended in perfectly. The painted dresser on the left side looks pretty with that piece, so that will be the armoire and chest paint color.

I've had these pieces fourteen or fifteen years. They are pretty, but not antiques. I don't paint antiques.

Three days later...

My spouse cleaned the armoire,
and applied one coat of paint to the armoire, and when it dried, it needed a second, because it is a dark color.

Several hours later...

Disaster Struck

The paint  cracked and peeled everywhere!
Our first disaster with Annie Sloan paint happened. I've painted at least ten pieces, and all had gone well up until this point, and it happened to the room in which I am most emotionally vested.
The key to ASCP is that there is no sanding required, but it does say "clean".
I only dusted the piece before painting. I've always only dusted.

So, I returned to my favorite chalk paint store to find out what to do...
I have never waxed or used pledge on the piece, because I know it is not recommended, but obviously there is a residue.
I learn that I should of cleaned the piece with white vinegar and water. They recommended I sand the spots that cracked and distress them, or seal them.
I decided to distress them.

The next day later...

I repainted the peeling parts, and it is still cracked, and the cracking spread... I went back to the store for  a sealer.
The entire piece had to be sanded again.

At least I had not started on the small piece. Ha!
In retrospect, I should of painted the small one first.

Here it is done in AS old white. It actually looks old now, because some of the former color shows in spots, but I like it.

Will I ever get done?

Thanks for following along.

These days I am having fun with Instagram.
Thank you.

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One Room Challenge

20 April 2016

One Room Challenge 3 "Master" Bedroom


I painted the room Ralph Lauren "rock", but
we left off before applying the speciality finish paint.

It did not go well.
We abandoned it on the first wall after painting about a third of the wall.
Our plaster walls are textured and the tool does not get into the crevices.
We then tried rolling it to fill in the holes, but I decided I didn't like the color.

It was a sparkling gold instead, and it didn't look like the same color that was on the sample.
The sample shows the original color and one that has a bit of shimmer.
This might have been better on a flat wall, but it does not say that on the product.
The color made me nauseous. I'm sure it is a nice color, but the lighting was all wrong, and the textured wall made it uneven.

Here is a photo. The left has the treatment, and the right wall is untreated.

Plan B:

It is non returnable. We repainted the walls in the Ralph Lauren putty color on the right, because I really like that color. Here's a peek.

Decluttering continues.
In my armoire, I found some clearance Ikea lace panels that I purchased last season for 5 dollars a pair. Though I originally intended to use them as table-clothes,
I might use them on my canopy bed.

I also picked up new drapes from Z gallery. The ones that I selected will blend with the wall color.  But there was another glitch. I tried them on the side of the room that does not repainting. Of four panels: two were dirty, and one was two inches longer than the pair to the one that was perfect.  We had to return them. Z Gallerie was very nice. We did find one curtain to match the other, but during this process of calling three stores, we decided we only needed one pair. There is a window behind my bed. I remembered, that the last time I hung curtains, I noticed that when the curtain color blends into the wall color they look part of the bed or when the curtain looks part of the bed the window disappears behind the canopy bed.

Next up...
furniture painting....
Week 1
Week 2

And for photos of my garden here

18 April 2016

Blossoms and Teacups

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You can find me at Instagram these days.
For me it is becoming an artistic outlet.
I am blogging, but working on my room for ORC.

13 April 2016

One Room Challenge 2 Remaking Our "Master" Bedroom

Choosing Wall Paint for Our Bedroom and an incidental remake of our library.

We remodeled this entire house in four years, but at that time, when it came to our bedroom, I had so much trouble selecting a color, because I wanted to display our art collection.

I almost stayed the same color, and called this off.
The old color was SW Bamboo Shoot.

Then I almost drifted away from my Nordic inspiration, and chose a lighter green from Ralph Lauren, but my daughter pointed out it was too close and conserve my energy.  Here is a photo of it lying on some Sherwin Williams chips.

But changing the color was still on my mind, so  I returned to Sherwin Williams colors to study  coastal and luxe.

I also went to Home Depot.
Look at all these samples. These are Ralph Lauren paint chips.

I was so conflicted about this room.
How was I going to get a French Nordic look with the dark furniture. I loved the armoire on the left, and I thought that there was no way I was going to paint it.
But while I was at the HD,  a vision of my room just popped into my head, and I said, "Lets go home and measure."

The room when we started the ORC.

I have two large chests of drawers in my home. One is in the bedroom I am redoing. It's on the left in the above photo, and the other is in our library, and the pieces are approximately the same size. The measurements showed that the darker one is 50 x 17 and that the lighter one  is 45 x 18.

The vision that popped into my head involved switching them.
Our library is gray, and the piece previously beside my bed has grays and charcoals and other colors that pick up the colors of the books.
My spouse moved the lighter colored one to my bedroom, and pushed the dark one aside, while I studied it. I decided to keep the lighter colored one in my bedroom, and I had him move the darker to the library, and it looked perfect in the library and better.

This is the lighter chest as it appeared in the library before we moved to our bedroom.

The darker console is now in the room below and can be seen in the collage below. This room is what we call our Madhatter Library, and this is how it looks now, and I think the darker console looks better than the light one did. I left the room the same, except that I switched the previous light gray library table with one from another room and then, I painted the one I moved here: Annie Sloan Graphite. This table was a really nice wood table, but white, and I know it was under 100 dollars when I found it. What can I say, this is a small house, and it is often like that around here: two rooms for one. I plan to eventually redo the fireplace in the library, but for now it stays this way until our bedroom is completed for the One Room Challenge.

The Transformed Library and the Before

and the entire library before is here.

Subtle change... Library Now (painted a table graphite, changed the console, put the rug back down, and rocking horse beneath window)


With the furniture switched, I could finally select a wall color for the bedroom! I didn't have to choose something that would look good with the dark wood, because I would paint the armoire and small chest, but not the unique console. This is the color that I decided to paint the armoire and the chest in front of my bed: Annie Sloan Old White.

The armoire that I am painting is not an antique. It is fifteen years old, and actually, Ethan Allen sells them custom painted armoires now. I purchased this armoire, before I started furnishing my home with vintage furniture.

So now, what light color to choose for the walls?

I dislike tan or khaki. In my opinion, it looks so grungy in an old desert house unless it is an adobe or Mediterranean. I also dislike beige if it has yellow undertones. I shuffled the chips all over the table again, as if I was cleaning up after a card game. Silver gray was "too glam" according to my daughter. 

Finally, I decided to go with the Ralph Lauren 

I watched my spouse as he applied the first coat. The green showed through just a tad, but by the second coat there was good coverage. We did not prime. I primed the last time to cover the previous owner's navy, and the green kept chipping over the primer, perhaps because the walls are plaster.

With the second coat finished, it reminded me of my father's putty with ever so slight a hit of a fresh green undertone. I liked it. But I waited to do behind the bed, until my spouse could move my light dresser in front of it to see if was going to be an okay color. 
It was! I felt like the oppression just left the room. It made me feel tranquil and at peace.
So he proceeded with the rest of the painting.  It's hard to see from this photograph,
but it really is pretty.

This top coat is going to take a speciality coating application that is labor intensive, because it is done by hand.

A patina finish that is suppose to give it a polished plaster look.
This is labor intensive, so we will be working on it in the week to come.

Thank you for following along.

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